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Purification Technologies, Inc. (PTI) is a specialty solvent company that performs high volume purification and repackaging of selected solvents. Our purified solvents are sold under the tradename PrecisionPure™.

Our solvent business evolved from the production of ultra high purity gases and gas mixtures. This experience gives PTI a unique perspective on the purification and handling of specialty solvents.

PTI operations personnel who have in-depth experience in the production of high purity gases are now applying this expertise to solvent purification systems and to the use of pressure dispensing containers.

PTI sells highly purified solvents in bulk tankwagons (up to 45,000 pounds or 6,000 gallons) and isotankers (up to 35,000 pounds or 5,000 gallons). Our leading product is acetonitrile. Other products are methanol and ultra low water propylene carbonate.

PTI also packages either purified or standard grade solvents into smaller pressure dispensing containers.

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Purification Technologies, Inc. is located at:

67 Winthrop Road (Route 145)
Chester, CT 06412
Tel: 860- 526-7801
Fax: 860- 526-7802

Email us at: cs@purificationtech.com


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