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Acetonitrile Purity—Critical in Many Applications
Acetonitrile is a critical solvent for several important technologies. It is widely used as a mobile phase solvent in HPLC and process chromatography applications, as a wash and reagent solution solvent for oligonucleotide synthesis, and as an electrolyte component for certain lithium batteries and ultracapacitors. In all of these applications, the purity and consistency of the acetonitrile is vital to process or product performance.

Industrial grades of acetonitrile are produced as a by-product of acrylonitrile manufacturing. The initial by-product material is highly contaminated and only contains about 60% acetonitrile. The most common impurities are nitriles, aromatics, carbonyls, heterocycles and water. Commercial acetonitrile grades are produced from these industrial byproduct streams and contain residual levels of these impurities plus additional contaminants from shipment and handling.

The impurities found in commercial acetonitrile grades may cause problems in sensitive products or processes by causing undesirable side reactions, by binding to separation media or complex biomolecules or by interfering with detectors.

PrecisionPure™ Acetonitrile
PTI purifies acetonitrile and removes these residual impurities using an innovative, patented process. Acetonitrile purified by this special process is given the tradename PrecisionPure™ and is characterized by exceptionally low levels of water and trace organic impurities.

PrecisionPure™ Acetnonitrile means you can rely on the highest purity standards for use in HPLC (analytical and process scale), oligonucleotide synthesis, organic synthesis, electrolye manufacture and semiconductor applications. Strict process controls and analytical testing assure consistent product purity. This purity is maintained direct to your facility through use of special transfer equipment and dedicated tankers.

Supply Reliability
Because it is a byproduct, supplies of commercial acetonitrile are often tight and market shortages have occurred frequently. Quality varies significantly among different suppliers or even from different facilities. Only PTI consistently purifies acetonitrile from a variety of sources to the same rigorous quality standard. Users can depend on both purity and reliable delivery. That's important for products or processes governed by strict parameters and/or regulatory requirements.

Two primary grades of PrecisionPure™ Acetonitrile are produced using our unique process:

PrecisionPure™ UHP For the most demanding analytical and process applications, with ultra low water, under 5 ppm, and trace organics held to low ppb levels by HPLC. UHP is the highest purity bulk acetonitrile available.

PrecisionPure™ HP Plus For processes such as peptide purification, pharmaceutical synthesis and separations where consistent purity and process cost are critical. Purified using the same process but under more economical conditions, HP Plus has a water specification of less than 50 ppm and trace organics held to low levels by UV.

PTI works to satisfy every customer's specific needs and often certifies material according to exact requirements. Please contact us for additional information.

The links below show analytical and statistical data that demonstrate the quality and consistency of PrecisionPure™ Acetonitrile. We show the consistency of key parameters and the purity differences between commercial grades and PTI grades. Links are also provided for specifications, MSDS and physical data.

See for yourself how PrecisionPure™ Acetonitrile can assure you of the purity and the reliable supply you need.

PrecisionPure™ UHP Acetonitrile: Specifications, Typical UV, HPLC, Gradient

PrecisionPure™ HP+ Acetonitrile: Specifications, Typical UV

Process Performance: Finished Product vs. Raw Material

PrecisionPure™ Consistency: UV, Moisture, Gradient

PrecisionPure™ Trace Metals Results

PrecisionPure™ Electrolyte Acetonitrile: Specifications

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) (pdf)

Physical Data

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