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Through PTI, the critically important purity and trace level characterization normally found in laboratory reagents is available in dedicated tankwagons of up to 6,000 gallons.

PTI process capacities can purify tankwagon quantities of solvent in only 1-2 days. Finished product yields approach 100% so there is little waste. These high yielding systems mean that PTI customers can rely on consistent solvent quality for their critical applications as well as assured delivery. Accordingly, Precision Pure™ solvents are priced near the corresponding commercial grades of solvent products to achieve affordable process economics for high purity material.

PTI uses dedicated tankwagons of over 40,000 pounds (isotankers of 35,000 pounds for overseas shipments) to deliver ultra high purity products to customer facilities. The tankwagons are specially fitted for easy pressure or pump discharge, free of contamination. In fact, our PTI team of specialists work with customers to achieve the same high standard level of purity at their point of use as that achieved at PTIís facility.


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