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110 Gallon Containers



ISO 9001:2000
Registered Firm


This container replaces the 55 gallon drums for many applications:

• Easy Handling Fork Base
• Pressure Dispensing—Avoid Drum   Pumps
• Returnable Cylinders Eliminate Drum   Disposal

The PTI-100 provides an easy to use, environmentally responsible alternative to traditional 55 gallon drums for reagent and commercial grade solvents. Each cylinder holds twice the volume of a 55 gallon drum but is easily moved using the fork skid base.

The returnable cylinders are dedicated for use with a particular solvent to assure product integrity. After use, the cylinders are returned for refilling, so there is no drum disposal cost.

The PTI cylinders are equipped for pressure dispensing which provides contamination free delivery to your product or process. Your employees no longer need to open drums to install pumps so possible chemical exposure and contamination are eliminated.

A variety of valve and connection options are available to suit every need. Call us for technical assistance.



Water Capacity

1000 pounds (453 liters)

Fill Capacity (varies with product)

Approx. 100 - 115 gallons (400 - 430 liters)

Material of Construction

Mild Steel

Weight Empty

320 pounds


58 inches


32.25 inches


Customer or Application Specific

DOT Rating

DOT 4BW240/TC-4BWM16

Maximum Working Pressure

240 psi


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