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20 Liter Stainless Steel Container



ISO 9001:2000
Registered Firm


For Research Laboratories

Meets NFPA Requirements for Lab Storage and Dispensing
Easy, Controlled Dispensing Consistent Purity

Made of 316L stainless steel, this cylinder is rated up to 240 psi under a US DOT cylinder specification, allowing the unit to be safely shipped pre-pressurized for easy dispensing of high purity solvents.

Solvents flow and pressure from the cylinder is easily controlled using a regulator, just like using a gas cylinder. The cylinder valve includes a check mechanism, which prevents contaminates from entering the cylinder.

Because the cylinder meets rigorous US DOT cylinder specifications, it does not need to be kept inside of a flammable solvent storage cabinet.



Water Capacity

47.7 pounds (21.7 liters)

Fill Capacity

18 liters (normal when pre-pressurized) to 20 liters depending upon headspace required

Weight Empty

24 pounds


19.1 inches


12.3 inches

Valve Pressure Gauge

Stainless steel, dual port (liquid/vapor) with integral check device

Fittings / Couplings

30-0-300 compound gauge, stainless steel QT-2 disconnect, keyed for each solvent

Pressure Regulation

Maximum outlet pressure -30 psi

DOT Rating

Made under exemption to a DOT 4BA

Maximum Working Pressure

240 psi

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