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210 Liter Stainless Steel Container



ISO 9001:2000
Registered Firm

For Production Laboratories and Pilot Facilities

Meets NFPA 30 Requirements for Pressure Dispensing
Easy to Use Quick Connect Couplers

The PTI-210 ASME Stainless Steel Container (210 liter, 60 gallon) is the perfect choice for high volume production laboratory or pilot scale applications. Solvents are pressure dispensed to the point of use for reliable purity.




59.9 inches


21.0 inches

Fork truck base

22 inches square; 8 inch wide fork pockets

Tare Weight

166 +/- 1 pounds

UN/DOT Rating


ASME Certification Pressure

75 psi (unfired vessel)

Maximum Working Pressure

50 psi

Recommended Working Pressure

0-35 psi

Container Body

304 stainless steel

Dispense Head Assembly

316L stainless steel


Stainless steel diaphragm packless

Pressure Gauge

30-0-100 compound gauge, stainless steel

Pressure Relief Valve Cracking Pressure

55 psi

Inert Gas Filter

2 micron stainless steel

Rupture Disk

ASME certified (stainless steel/Teflon) 72 psi

Container Liquid Connect

Swagelok QTM Series Keyed #SS QTM2 D 4PM

Container Gas Connect

Swagelok QTM 2 Series #SS QTM2 D 4PM

Customer Supplied LiquidConnect Body

#SS QTM2 B 400 Keyed

Customer Supplied GasConnect Body

#SS QTM2 B 400



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