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Methanol (methyl alcohol) is a widely used solvent for a variety of applications. Purification Technologies offers two grades of methanol, our PrecisionPure™ HPLC grade and a standard or commercial grade.

PrecisionPure™ HPLC Methanol is purified from standard grade material using a proprietary purification process developed by PTI. PrecisionPure™ Methanol has excellent UV transparency and is tested for use in HPLC gradient applications so customers can depend on superior separations and optimum sensitivity.

For general use or less critical applications, Purification Technologies offers Commercial Grade Methanol in easy to use pressure dispensing returnable cylinders, 110 gallon steel drums, or in bulk tankwagons and isotankers.

For specifications, physical data, MSDS’s and regulatory guidelines, follow links below.

HPLC Grade
Commercial Grade
Physical Data
MSDS (pdf)

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